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Lawyers for the Rest of Us - WylieLaw is a downtown New York City law firm with experience in unlawful arrests, disability insurance claims and settlements, employment and criminal law, conflict resolution, personal injury law and immigration.
Insurance Disputes: Disability Policies and Claims, General Insurance Claim Issues, Suing an Insurance Company
Arrests: Unlawful Arrests, False Imprisonment, Police Brutality, Drunk Driving, Searches and Seizures
BOP Issues: Early Release, the Feb 2005 Rule, Halfway Houses, Success Stories
Employment Issues: Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, Hostile Work Environment, What Employers Need to Know
Accidents and Injuries: Car Accidents, Slip and Fall or Trip and Fall Accidents
Immigration: Temporary Visa Types, Qualifying for Legal Residence, Work Visas, Visa Lottery
Conflict Resolution: Mediation, Arbitration, Litigation