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Accidents & Injuries

In our country, there are many rules and laws in place to provide protection against injuries suffered due to someone else's negligence. However, there are many nuances to these rules and laws as well as time limits and other restrictions on actions that could result in an individual mistakenly and unknowingly waiving their claims and rights.

The following sections provide helpful answers to questions people have after being injured in an accident.

What to Do If You've Been Injured

If you've been injured, it is critical to have an attorney who can help you pursue your claim while you are trying to regain your health. The experienced attorneys at WylieLaw will help you protect your legal rights so you can stop worrying about your claim and concentrate on getting healthy. If you are unsure about your rights as an accident victim, use our online form to ask us a question.

Success Stories

  • When a WylieLaw client without health insurance was hospitalized after a motorcycle accident, a WylieLaw attorney went to the hospital with a power of attorney form which allowed WylieLaw to act on the client's behalf. With power of attorney, WylieLaw was able to ensure that all medical treatment would continue and that the medical bills would be held without pay until after the entire case settled. The individual was able to concentrate on recovery rather than worrying about medical bills. When the case was settled, WylieLaw was able to negotiate with the medical providers to accept 50% of the total amount of each bill as full payment, saving our client thousands of dollars.
  • A pedestrian needed two surgeries on his back after being struck by a truck. WylieLaw was able to convince the insurance carrier to pay the full policy and to allow the client to continue medical treatment without requiring his attendance at an independent medical examination. With the help of WylieLaw, our client was able to continue his medical treatment and received payment for his damages.
  • An individual slipped on ice while attending a funeral and shattered his knee (which had been surgically replaced a few years earlier). WylieLaw filed a claim with the cemetery and obtained weather reports and medical records. Our client was able to rehabilitate his knee instead of being concerned about his claim. WylieLaw participated in mediation with the insurance company and resolved the claim for a much larger settlement than the company initially offered.