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You Have the Right to Remain Silent

An arrest can be a very scary proposition. If you or someone you know has been arrested, it is important to know your rights and obtain competent legal counsel with knowledge of the local courts. Whether the arrest is for a misdemeanor, felony or a quality of life violation, having an attorney on your side is the only way to guarantee that your rights are protected.

WylieLaw is on Your Side

While specializing in unlawful arrest and malicious prosecution claims, WylieLaw also has extensive experience representing individuals charged with many different crimes. From quality of life issues such as marijuana possession, jumping a subway turnstile, disorderly conduct or ticket scalping to serious misdemeanor and felony charges, WylieLaw has successfully represented clients in civil and criminal courts in and around New York State.

  • Unlawful Arrests: False arrests, Police Brutality, Probable Cause, Unlawful Imprisonment, Malicious Prosecution
  • Drunk Driving: DUI / DWI, Blood Alcohol, Losing Your License, Police
    Administered Tests
  • Stops, Searches and Seizures: Searches Without a Warrant, Searches Without Consent, What to Do If You Are Arrested, Vehicle Searches
  • Download Our Form: "What to Do if You are Stopped or Arrested"

Success Stories

  • WylieLaw represented an individual who was unlawfully arrested and incarcerated for eleven (11) months due to the failure of the Police Department and the Probation Department to compare the individual's fingerprints with that of a similarly named defendant. This matter was settled in suit for over $150,000.
  • An individual was maced, sent to a hospital, and unlawfully arrested for disorderly conduct, spending one night in jail. The criminal case was eventually dismissed. With the help of WylieLaw, this matter settled for $25,000.
  • An individual was arrested for smoking a joint in a municipal park. At the arraignment, WylieLaw requested that all charges be dropped as the client was an out-of-state student who was applying to graduate school. This was an unusual request, but due to the focused attention of WylieLaw on these extenuating circumstances, all charges were dismissed.