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Conflict Resolution

The most efficient way to win a lawsuit is not to bring one at all. Effective conflict resolution and negotiation can be the keys to avoiding long, costly and emotionally draining lawsuits (also called litigation). Conflict resolution, also known as alternative dispute resolution (ADR) or just dispute resolution, refers to a wide range of processes that encourage settling disputes outside of the traditional court system.

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To Sue or Not to Sue: That is the Question

Often the most successful dispute resolution occurs through understanding when to litigate and when to avoid litigation. The attorneys at WylieLaw have experience in many areas of conflict resolution and have effectively resolved many disputes by knowing when and when not to pursue a lawsuit. It may be in your best interest to consult with an attorney to consider different methods of dispute settlement before pursuing a course of action. The attorneys at WylieLaw have a proven track record with the American Arbitration Association, NASD, NAM, JAMS, as well as other agencies and can offer sound advice about resolving your legal dispute.

Success Stories

  • A young woman was hit by an automobile while in a crosswalk. Although she was diagnosed with a herniated disc in her neck, the driver's insurance company did not believe she was seriously injured and offered a meager settlement. The WylieLaw attorney had the insurance company agree to arbitration, then compiled and submitted the relevant documents to the arbitrator for review. At the arbitration, the client was able to testify in an informal setting as to how the herniated disc had resulted in severe life restrictions and how she had to continue physical therapy at home. As a result, our client was awarded $50,000.
  • A WylieLaw client believed he was owed close to $26,000 in back pay for his past employer but the employer refused to pay. A WylieLaw attorney participated in a 3-day arbitration and submitted a memorandum of law in support of penalty damages, interest and attorney fees against the ex-employer that raised the total damages above $100,000. After the arbitration was finished, but before the arbitrator had issued a decision, the matter was settled for $54,000.
  • An individual was fired after making a claim of sexual harassment. Subsequent to receiving and rejecting a severance package of $20,000, the individual retained WylieLaw. The WylieLaw attorney filed a complaint with the EEOC, then submitted relevant documents supporting the client's claim of harassment and retaliation to the employer's counsel, along with a letter offering to participate in mediation. One full day of mediation did not bring the two sides to a settlement as the employer was only offering a low severance package. Through the efforts of the WylieLaw attorney, the mediator believed the claim to be much more valuable and made a final mediator's recommendation that raised the settlement offer above $100,000, which was ultimately accepted.