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As Reported In:

WylieLaw Client v. The City of New York, Commissioner of the New York City Police Department Bernard B. Kerik and approximately 5 other unidentified New York City Police officers

Causes of Action

False Arrest and Malicious Prosecution - Intentional Torts - False Imprisonment - Violation of Civil Rights - §1983 Violations





United States District Court, Southern District of New York


Honorable Judge Barbara Jones
Honorable Magistrate Andrew J. Peck


A WylieLaw Client was arrested one evening while in front of an apartment building. The police officers, who were responding to a call complaining of noise and unlawful drinking further down the street, approached the WylieLaw Client and used mace on him. The WylieLaw Client claimed that the officers did not have cause to use the mace and that they arrested him and held him overnight on disorderly conduct charges in order to cover up their own inappropriate conduct. All of the charges were dismissed about six weeks later. The officers would have claimed that the arrest did not lack probable cause, that they acted appropriately, and that the WylieLaw Client was not injured in the arrest.


Discomfort to the eyes stemming from mace use; fear of police; one night in jail.


The matter settled for a total payout of $25,000.