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Lawyers for the Rest of Us

About WylieLaw

WylieLaw was founded in 1995 by Wylie M. Stecklow to help educate individuals and assist in protecting their Constitutional and legal rights. 

Wylie believed he was better suited to working with real clients—individuals affected with real problems—than with large corporations who were often more interested in moving decimal points around their balance sheets.  Wylie has learned that change on an individual level can create beneficial results to family, friends and futures.  WylieLaw was founded upon principals of conflict resolution that include not only the bottom dollar, but also the physical and emotional cost to the client.

Lawyers for the Rest of Us

WylieLaw specializes in representing the little guy whose rights have been infringed.  WylieLaw is the legal “David” who slays the corporate “Goliath.” The experienced attorneys at WylieLaw have a successful track record of settling and resolving disputes to their clients’ full and total satisfaction.  Clients with problems just like yours.  “Lawyers for the Rest of Us” is more than just a slogan—it represents what WylieLaw stands for, that every one of us is entitled to intelligent, honest, competent and professional legal representation. 

Education and Experience

After graduating from Fordham Law School, Wylie worked with large corporate law firms including Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle and Davis Markel & Edwards.  Wylie left the corporate firm practice and spent two years learning about small firm practice while working for the legendary Bronx criminal attorney, Murray Richman.  Wylie then started his own law firm in 1995 and has been helping people resolve their legal problems ever since.  To read more about cases won by WylieLaw, go to Decisions and Press.

National Network of Referrals

WylieLaw has established relationships with attorneys located throughout the United States.  At times, due to geographical or specialty limitations, the brick and mortar office of WylieLaw may opt to refer your matter to local counsel.  WylieLaw will only make legal referrals to experienced counsel with backgrounds in the area of law relevant to your case. (See fee sharing)

Located in Manhattan’s Historic NoHo District

WylieLaw’s brick and mortar home is located in a Landmark Building in New York City’s historic NoHo district.  For more information and directions, see our Contact Us page.